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My Friend the Monkey

The Impractical Joker

Betty and Grampy

Judge For a Day

Pudgy Takes a Bow-Wow

Whoops! I'm a Cowboy

Be Human

Not Now

Making Friends

You're Not Built That Way

Crazy Town

A Little Soap and Water

Betty in Blunderland

Rhythm on the Reservation

In my Merry Oldsmobile

Betty Boop and the Little King

Dizzy Red Riding Hood

Minding the Baby


Training Pigeons

Baby Be Good

Poor Cinderella

Musical Mountaineers

Barnacle Bill

Dizzy Dishes

I'll be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You

Big Boss

The Candid Candidate

More Pep

Crazy Inventions

A Song A Day

Betty Boop and Little Jimmy

Is My Palm Read?

Betty Boop's Rise to Fame

A Language All My Own

Out of the Inkwell

Buzzy Boop

House Cleaning Blues


So Does an Automobile



Hot Air Salesman

Grampy's Indoor Outing

The Scared Crows

Making Stars

Swat That Fly

Stop That Noise!

Taking the Blame

Happy You and Merry Me

Little Nobody

On With the New

Betty Boop with Henry

No, No, a Thousand Times No


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